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The Team

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Have you ever thought about playing roller derby??

There's no time like the present to get started! We are still a small team, so we are always accepting new members!! You do not need any previous experience, or even to know how to skate! WE WILL TEACH YOU!

We have spare gear that can be borrowed during practice on a first come first serve basis!

Read below for more information on all of the ways you can join the team!

Contact us today for more info!

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Become a skater!

There are 3 key positions in roller derby!

  • Blocker - maintain the "wall" to keep the opposing team's jammer from passing and scoring points as well as aid your team's jammer to get through pack!

  • Pivot - identified with a striped helmet panty, lead your blockers and jammers on the track to maintain the pack and get your jammer through! (also can switch positions with the jammer and take over scoring points)

  • Jammer - identified with a starred helmet panty, score points for your team by maneuvering through the pack, passing the opposing team's blockers, making a lap around the track to do it again!

There are 3 blockers, 1 pivot, and 1 jammer per team on the track at any given time! These positions must work together to score their points while stopping the opposing team's jammer!

You could also consider assisting with team coaching! Aid skaters in developing their skills and gameplay knowledge by organizing lessons and workouts for practice!

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Become a referee!

There are multiple positions for referees in a bout!

  • Head Ref - the ultimate authority of the game, guide the ref team to make the best decisions during game play as well as deliberate on tough calls!

  • Pack Refs - Inside/Outside positions, watches the pack (majority of skaters) and ensures pack remains legal and that no skaters are committing penalties.

  • Jam Refs- one per team, watches and follows their respective jammer as the skater maneuvers the pack and makes laps around the track, aids in point keeping for their jammer and ensures skater is not committing any penalties. 

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Become a Non-Skating Official! (NSO)

Non-skating officials are super important to our league! Their biggest roles come during bouts, but having volunteers is always helpful!

Bout roles include:

  • Jam Timer - start and end each jam session with a whistle!

  • Score keepers - two per bout, watch jam refs throughout the game to accurately record points for the respective teams!

  • Score Board Operator - work with the score keepers and refs to keep the score board accurately updated throughout the bout!

  • Penalty Trackers - keep track of skaters penalties throughout the bout.

  • Penalty Timing Officials - keep track of the time a skater spends in the box for each penalty received, ensuring that they serve a full penalty.

Non-gameplay Bout Roles include:

  • Head NSO - coordinate and organize all of the non-skating officials, ensure they all have everything they need, that all positions are staffed, and that breaks are given when needed!

  • Ticket Operator - work the ticket box as patrons enter and exit the facilities.

  • Fundraiser Operator - work the fundraiser stand to help sell giveaway and auction tickets.

  • Announcer - help keep the crowds engaged with the bout by explaining game play, introducing skaters, calling for raffles, etc.

  • Skater Liaison - Ensure that all skaters needs are met by organizing snack/drinks for each bout.

  • Skater Sign In Coordinator - Ensure all skaters are checked in before the bout and that all forms are filled out prior to skating!

Other Non Skating Roles may include:

  • Assisting the team with general fundraising throughout the year

  • Assisting coaches with practice organization

  • Assisting team with pr and raising awareness of the team, our brand and mission

  • Running for a board member or committee positions to aid in the overall health of the organization.

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